Enclosure for Dronetag BS


This exclusive enclosure is designed specifically for the Dronetag BS. It adds extra protection, enhances aesthetics, and simplifies the attaching to the aircraft. The weight of the enclosure is 1.2 grams only.

The ultimate SLA 3D printed high detail enclosure is designed specifically for Dronetag BS. This sleek and lightweight enclosure, weighing only 1.2 grams, is the perfect solution for those seeking extra protection, enhanced aesthetics, and effortless attachment. We combed through forums, engaged in discussions, and closely monitored social media to gain valuable insights into what you, the drone community, truly desire and we've crafted this enclosure, which is inspired by you.

Simply insert your Dronetag BS into the enclosure, and you're good to go! No complex installations or fancy tools required, just one small screwdriver.

The package includes one piece of enclosure.


Dimensions: 20mm x 17mm x 9mm

Weight: 1.2 grams

Available for back order (delivery end of August 2023)

Data sheet

20mm x 17mm x 9mm
1.2 g