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Dronetag BS Combo - Remote ID for all
  • Dronetag BS Combo - Remote ID for all
  • Dronetag BS Combo - Remote ID for all
  • Dronetag BS Combo - Remote ID for all
  • Dronetag BS Combo - Remote ID for all
  • Dronetag BS Combo - Remote ID for all
  • Dronetag BS Combo - Remote ID for all
  • Dronetag BS Combo - Remote ID for all
  • Dronetag BS Combo - Remote ID for all

Dronetag BS Combo

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The Dronetag BS Combo is a package with enclosure, battery, charger and antennas turning BS into a completely standalone battery-powered module. 

The offer price 99 USD / EUR was valid till March 16, 2024.

Package contains:

Other antenna options include:

Dronetag BS is the best Remote ID solution for FPV pilots, aeromodelers & recreational pilots. BS offers affordable Remote ID capability as defined by FAA and EASA. It is the smallest and lightest RID solution making it easier than ever for pilots to comply with regulations while enjoying their hobby. 

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Please note that orders placed after mid-January 2024 will be supplied with Dronetag BS Gen.2. You can find updates on the development of Dronetag BS on this website.

  • Easy installation and compatibility with various aircraft hardware setups
  • Real-time tracking and Remote ID compliant with the FAA and EASA rule
  • Powered from the existing aircraft or a small LiPo battery (up to 17V input)
  • Configuration and firmware updates via Dronetag App
  • Can be used as GNSS input to Betaflight controller*
  • Support for both Spektrum XBUS and SRXL2.
  • Can be used as a telemetry module for popular RC radios*
  • Flight information logging to flash memory for easy visualization in Dronetag App, Google Earth, or similar*
  • Additional SAW filters enhance product immunity to radio interference, significantly improving GNSS performance
  • LED placement atop the PCB enhances device visibility, indicating readiness more effectively
  • Threaded columns on the PCB facilitate easier mounting to plastic enclosures and DIY mounts
  • Solder pads on the PCB underside cater to users preferring customized cable soldering over JST connectors

* Functions that will be introduced later via firmware update

Data sheet

Remote ID types
Direct (EU) / Broadcast (US)
Short-range radio
Bluetooth 2.4GHz
Average current consumption
15 mA
Maximum current consumption
50 mA
Adhesive or velcro
Operating temperature
-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
23 x 16 x 12 mm (0.90 x 0.62 x 0.47 in)
5 grams (0.176 oz) with antennas, enclosure & battery
Supported baud rates
Standard ones - configurable in Dronetag app
Input voltage
3.3 – 17V
Input voltage regulator
Low-noise buck converter
Remote ID Standards
ASD-STAN EN 4709-002 & ASTM F3411-22
Uses FCC/CE approved radio module
Remote ID technology
Bluetooth 4.0 Legacy + 5.0 Long Range

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