Dronetag BS Enclosure
  • Dronetag BS Enclosure
  • Dronetag BS Enclosure
  • Dronetag BS Enclosure
  • Dronetag BS Enclosure
  • Dronetag BS Enclosure

Dronetag BS Enclosure

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This 3D printed enclosure was tailor-made for Dronetag BS.

The Dronetag BS fits perfectly in the enclosure and it is easy to assembly these two together. All you need to do is simply slide the Dronetag BS inside the enclosure and secure it with a screw that is provided in the packaging. The enclosure has practical grips on the sides to make the assembly job even easier. You can find openings for antennas in the front and sides of the enclosure which allows you to place the antennas in your desired position. 

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Package contains:

  • 1 × 3D printed Enclosure with a battery slot 
  • 2 × M1.6x4mm screw

This enclosure does not hold space for a battery. If you wish to have the Li-Po battery enclosed too, check out the Enclosure for Dronetag BS with a battery slot - you can find it here.


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3D Printed enclosure, tailor-made for Dronetag BS, the best Remote ID solution for FPV pilots, aeromodelers & recreational pilots.

Data sheet

1.2 × 2 × 0.8cm

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