Cable 4-pin SH to 6-pin GH
  • Cable 4-pin SH to 6-pin GH
  • Cable 4-pin SH to 6-pin GH

Cable 4-pin SH to 6-pin GH

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This cable allows you to connect Dronetag Mini and Dronetag Beacon via EXT connector into Pixhawk  TELEM Serial/UART ports. The cable is twisted for better durability.

Compatible only with Dronetag Mini and Dronetag Beacon. It is incompatible with Dronetag DRI due to different connectors (JST GH 6 pin vs JST SH 4 pin).

For more information about Pixhawk and MAVlink integration, visit our documentation

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Cable length: 20 cm

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Data sheet

Connector type
JST SH 4-Pin to JST GH 6-Pin
Cable type
AWG28 UL1061